Mindset Shift

Thoughts are very powerful that happen instantaneously, and with no mercy. They attach to your emotions, and no matter how strong your personality is, most will find the challenges of making a rational decision on an emotional foundation, very difficult to combat.

So, whether you are: on the field, corporate board meeting, parent situation, attempting a personal record in the gym, making choices for business startup/advancement, or have been given the opportunity to guide someone to achieving their goal, it is inevitable that the stressors in life will come take its course, and in that moment you will make a decision that will make or break you.

That is where AOG comes in! AOG uses a controlled and safe environment to challenge the vulnerabilities that are identified both from what the client discloses, and from what we notice. The objective is for you to develop a “show up ready” mindset.

-Thought, reaction, result

Body Transformation

Yes, the mind is a powerful weapon, but what optimizes that power is when the body is on the same page. How you perform in any atmosphere can either discourage or motivate you. Yes, that is right, how you feel physically can hold you captive or set you free from the emotions that may come.

At AOG, motivation is great, but by itself has a shelf life. So, we train for discipline. To create a mindset that nothing is more valuable than the goals that you have placed before you, and you stay firm to the decisions you know is best for you. No matter what challenge you may face, you won’t give up.

-Breathe better, feel better, live better

Spiritual Cultivation

Although some may see the word spiritual and automatically think Religion. We utilize the term Spiritual to describe your connection strength.

Let’s be honest here. There are several reasons why we do what we do. In ability to perform as well in a game as you did in practice, because of the fear of failing in front of people. Attempt to lift heavier weight because of the audience that might be watching. Forget the speech you spent countless hours reciting in front of the mirror. Or even choose not to take a risk that will better your life, because someone else thinks you’re not capable. The reality of the situation is that you can put yourself in any situation that is misguided by a 2nd party, and how you react in that situation depends on your ability to control the tidal wave of irrational thoughts that hits you in a split second.

AOG believes if you strengthen the awareness and connection you have with yourself, you are given the opportunity to tap into potential that you never thought would be possible. AOG helps guides you with turning down the noise that distracts you from your main purpose. You become more focused on what is right for you.

-Discover, strengthen, progress


By, definition TEAM means a group of people that come together to achieve a common goal. At AOG we believe that the stronger the TEAM the greater the impact is. All the professionals we trust to work with you are passionate about helping you reach your full potential. Our goal is to invite, and you accept, and from there, you invite, and another accepts. We can’t do this alone, but we can do it with you.

-There is a strength in numbers