“The Impact” is a fundraiser that stamps “WE ARE EQUAL” in the health and wellness industry. An initiative developed by the hearts and minds of Armor of God Wellness and Special Olympics Virginia (a non-profit organization) to support those that have intellectual disabilities, and there right to live a healthier life. That they no longer are segregated from the world that we live in, because we are all equal, and have the same goal in mind.

“To fight the good fight and come out on top.”

We understand that in any fight, the ability to take a hit is equally as important in generating the power to return the favor, but there are those moments when the fighter feels like giving up, and the one thing that KEEPS THEM GOING, is the SUPPORT from those cheering for them.

That is why we are committed to standing in the corner of the 18k-plus athletes that this organization has developed a home. However, we acknowledge and stand humble knowing that “THE IMPACT” will be far greater if we had your help.

So, we invite you to be part of something great.

Disclaimer: Armor of God will not be collecting any money for this, so please stay clear for anyone who tries to do so under our name. All proceeds will go to Special Olympics VA through the portal link above, which has been created by them alone. Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions regarding the validity of this donation, please contact